How to Influence Analysts Worldwide, Singapore - May 28

Influencing the influencers from analyst firms from around the world is no easy task. Getting the meeting scheduled is the easy part; shaping the analyst opinions of your company and its products and services takes time and focus. By understanding the core information needs of these leading market influencers, analyst relations' managers and company executives are in a better position to influence opinions and shape market views.

The first part of the course defines who analysts are, what they do, why they influence high technology markets and how analyst relations programs can be organized. The second part of the programme focuses on advanced techniques for selecting and prioritizing individual analysts and for briefing them. The course includes methods for reviewing and developing appropriate, effective briefing materials and emphasizes the ten key rules are shared for preparing spokespeople. The final sessions discuss cross-cultural barriers to analyst relationships and focus on the differences between pragmatic Anglo-Saxon analysts, the Cartesian approaches of many European influencers, and more contextual approaches in eastern Asia -- where the analyst industry is experiencing its most rapid growth.

The tutor - Duncan Chapple - is a seasoned analyst relations' professional and former analyst. He has contributed directly to the analyst relations' programmes of over fifty firms. He will lead seminar participants through an intensive seven-hour course designed to help AR professionals reach their audiences in new ways.

Seats at the Seminar purchased before Wednesday 21 May 2008 get a 5% discount on the regular cost of £650/ US$1250. Firms sending a 2nd and 3rd attendee will also receive a 5% discount. The fees include continental breakfast, lunch and course documentation.

Note: Firms that subscribe to Lighthouse's AR Intranet can participate for free and EastWest clients will get a 10% discount.

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