Smart Work With MS Outlook

Give us a day - we will give you a month!

This one-day program combines modern productivity strategies with hands-on practical implementation using MS Outlook. 

Participants not only learn to work more productively in this session, they actually get organised before they leave, increasing the chances of lasting behavioural change. 

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Filter & prioritise email and other inputs
  • Create a daily action plan in MS Outlook
  • Manage all activities from one central planning tool
  • Balance meeting and task workload
  • Achieve inbox zero on a regular basis
  • Work more proactively and less reactively
  • Harness the full power of MS Outlook and OneNote
  • Maintain focus in an interruption-driven environment
  • Spend more time on the important stuff

Who should come:

Anyone managing a busy workload and using MS Outlook - business owners, managers, supervisors, professional staff, sales teams, support staff, executive assistants and administrators

Anyone drowning in email overload and who wants a better system of email management proven to work by thousands of busy corporate executives who receive bwteen 300 - 600 emails per day. 

Longer Term Outcomes:

In a survey of past participants who attended this training up to 2 years before, the results showed: 

85% were able to plan their day better

76% achieved greater focus on important work

71% were more effectively managing and completing tasks

82% cleareed their Inbox on a regular basis

Most of our participants reclaimed an hour per day of more productive time. That equates to nearly a month per year! Think about what each of your team could do with a month of more productive time. 

Hands-on, easy-to-follow Learning:

Participants are logged into their own Outlook mailbox for the duration of the workshop. Through a range of activities participants gain hands-on practice, making changes to Outlook and processing their work. 

Presenter Information:

Dermot Crowley is author of the best selling book Smart Work. He is a Productivity expert who has been training top executives from Australia's leading companies for more than 14 years. This is one of Dermot's rare public workshops. 

More About Dermot Crowley at

John Drury, author and business mentor, will present an additional session titled, 'Productivity Begins With YOU'. John will help you deal with some of the underlying reasons why many people struggle with productivity. 

More about John Drury at 

Event Details:

Where: The Grand Mercure Hills Lodge, 1 Salisbury Rd., Castle Hill NSW 2153

When: Monday November 14, 2016 from 8:45am to 3:00pm

Bring: Your laptop with MS Outlook (Versions 2010, 2013, 2016 installed)

What's Included? Morning Tea/Coffee and Lunch, a copy of 'Smart Work', Comprehensive workbook and set-up guide, plus Making It Stick online resources to maximise behavioural change. 

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