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Connecting the Dots FEB 24th-25th 2018

Making the complex clinical presentation understandable through the use of Functional Blood Chemistry and Organic Acids interpetation tools. Introducing new clinical tools to enhance clinic success and create profitable practice.

Venue: Holiday Inn, Carburton Street, London, W1W 5EE 

Date: 24th and 25th February 2018 

Registration 08:30

Commence: 9am  Finish: 6.15pm & 5.45pm

2 Days with 5 Expert Interantional Speakers

THE BIG REVEAL: The new FDX reports from FunctionalDx and FitnessDx. These are the most revolutionary functional reports in the world today.

A complete 8 module Connecting the Dots seminar presented by Elizma Lambert (Australia) and Jess Armine (USA) spread over the 2 days using organic acid, neurotransmitter and functional blood chemistry testing to give unique insights into energy metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, gut dysbiosis, ADHD, mood, anxiety, addictions, depression and lots more.

Low Level Laser Therapy introducing the LIFE system the science and applications in clinical practice ensuring clinical efficacy and excellence.

Chronobiology, the science, the practice, the system and introducing a new revolutionary application, and how this connects the dots with the other modalities and systems.

Electrophysics, How electricity of lfe powers the vital force, the role of water and electricity, energy and information storage and conduction.

Drivers of Metabolism and Gene Expression, Oxidative and reduction mechanisms, tools for measurement of stress and inflammation, and dietary and lifestyle inetrventions.

EMF's their effect on physiolology, how to recognise these effects and simple solutions

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