Altered Forest 2018

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AUG 17 - 19
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Altered Forest is an annual festival in the beautiful hills of Canada's "belle province," Quebec. Let your inner child play and explore new adventures! 

Our community focus is on the Canadian and North American talent pool. There are amazing and talented artists, producers and DJs all around us. It's time to have an event that supports locals as much as possible! We will have quality sound designed to delight your ears, day and night!

Have a tasty snack at the Altered Bodega, browse some wares at the Market or maybe do some yoga with a lovely instructor. Take a snooze in one of the many hammocks available. If you are feeling up to the challenge, take a quest and go on an adventure!

The Altered Forest and Altered State team has thrown many great indoor and outdoor events in the last decade. As usual, we will focus on the local scene, flow, intention, timing and the community to provide an experience to remember. Come help us make memories at Altered Forest 2018!! 


None of this would be possibly without the generous help of our collaborators. Dems and Doll, Psyllabus, Hermetika, Jumpin’ Joel Flash, Voie Alternative, Musiknote Productions, D-Lights, MindSafe, Neptune Nine, Adorit, Lumberjack Records. All of you are so important to making this happen, you have no idea! THANK YOU! Much respect!



Our community focuses on the Canadian talent pool and we hope to expand on it! We are delighted to welcome the following producers and DJs to the stage. These talented artists will grace our ears with funky beats, driving dark energy, and resounding riffs! By focusing on one stage, we truly allow for a united party atmosphere that will carry us on the same listening journey together. Set times will be posted soon! Hang on to your eardrums!

Mindful Audio Design

One of the highlights of our 2017 event was the sound design. Building on that experience, as well as best practices from events in Europe, this festival will feature high quality equalized sound systems meant specifically for BASS MUSIC.


Altered Forest loves adventures… and to keep in this spirit, we are running quests and games once again!

The Altered Quest is Yours to Complete!

In the Altered Forest, not all is as it seems! What’s hidden behind the music? What mysteries are set to be uncovered? Grab some friends, form a party, and head straight off for psy-venture!

Find the Quest Master to get started! Do it all at once or take your time! We will have little extras too all in the spirit of fun and good times! Let’s PLAY!


Deco & Lights

Returning for their second year, Dems and Doll will be the resident featured artists at Altered Forest! Their bright and colourful street style will grace our stage and be sprinkled throughout the festival. Be prepared for some serious magic from this dynamic duo!

Dems and Doll:

As usual, the Altered Forest crew and D-Lights will ensure the forest looks extra special. We hope you will enjoy what we have in store. Who knows what creatures and mind-bending objects you will encounter in the Altered Forest! 


Amanita Ohm from Musiknote will captivate you with her VJing skills. Trance out!

VJ: Amanita Ohm

Poy / Poi

And to everyone who plays with fire, BRING YOUR FIRE TOYS! Let’s see how many fire spinners we can have on that beautiful beach at the same time! We will have fuel available!


Some of the Ottawa/Gatineau area’s finest crafters will be selling their wares at the marketplace! Check out these seriously talented people! There’s lots to eat at Altered Forest too. See the Altered Bodega for a coffee and breakfast, or check out Nimah’s smoothie shop!


Yoga & Chill Space

There will be a radiant chill space for you to pause and breathe deeply. Yoga classes will be available as well as other services. Myriah, Katrina and Penny will lead us through some beautiful moments. Take that moment for yourself.

MindSafe will be on site to keep it chill and safe. Trained to chat in the right way at the right time for each circumstance. Need an ear? Come here :)




We’ve all been to events and have seen the mess that can be left post-party. The natural beauty of The Altered Forest shall not be sullied by slobbery! So we’re enlisting your help to make sure it doesn’t happen. Of course we’ll arm you with the tools to make it easy. Everyone gets a black and a clear garbage bag, the black one for refuse and the clear one for recycling.

Washrooms are shared by Everyone!

The Toilets will be cleaned throughout the festival, but let’s all do our part to make sure they’re as nice to use as possible!

Bring in, Bring Out!

Brought something with you? Take it when you leave! We’re close by a provincial park, so let’s abide by the same rules and leave no trace.  

Garbage Cans Abound!

Refuse and recycling receptacles will be placed all over the festival grounds, so do your part by keeping clean! Help us out even further by tossing out any trash you come across during the party!

Butt Cans Abound Too!

We hate dirty butts and we can not lie! Those over ravers can’t deny, let’s ensure they aren’t littering the Altered Forest floor yo! Butt/Roach cans will be all over the festival grounds and clearly marked for easy use!


Inclusivity & Positivity

The Altered Forest is a happy place that welcomes everyone. We have zero tolerance for Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Harassment, Ableism, or General Hatefulness of any kind. People come to have festivals to have fun, not to be made to feel unsafe or marginalized. So don’t be a jerk, or else you’ll be asked to leave.

Safe Space

The Psytribe is a safe community, and we want to keep it that way! Each Altered Forest team member will be easily identifiable & available to help you in the event that you feel unsafe. We will be there to listen, to offer a safe physical space, or to simply hang out with you for a while.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Predatory behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. Gross people will be asked to leave or will be physically removed if necessary.

First Aid / Naloxone

Altered Forest staff are trained in First Aid as well as Naloxone. We will have both medical aid kits as well as Naloxone kits on site at the event to ensure we have the safest, most amazing time possible! We’re ready for all your nicks and bruises, just in case something more serious happens, civilization is not far away!

Help us further improve the wellness of the event by Educating yourself about the Dangers of Fentanyl. Stop Overdose Ottawa is a great resource to learn just how prevalent and deadly Fentanyl is. Before joining us for the festival, why not give this website on overdose prevention a read? If all of us are educated about the warning signs, the safer we’ll all be.

General Safety

Earplugs = Ear Peace! Things will get loud! Make sure to give your ears the love they deserve.

Watch your feet in the Woods! Don’t let a stubbed toe or cut ankle get in the way of your dancing! Careful where you  step and wear footwear when possible!

Be Careful When Swimming! Taking a dip is encouraged, but make sure to do so safely! Don’t swim alone, and if you feel a little tipsy, maybe stick to the shallow end, yeah?

Ticks are in Season! We’re out in the woods after all! Make sure to watch for ticks, and wear protection when you can!

The Sun will Burn! And it takes no prisoners! Protect your skin with sunscreen!

Drink Lots of Water! It’s Summer, silly! Make sure to stay hydrated to regulate your temperature and keep your dance feet movin!


Volunteer Application Form:

Musical Performance Application Form:

Vendor Application Form:

Visual Artist and Performance form is coming soon!

Workshop Application for is coming soon!

18+ Event with valid I.D. required for entrance

*Sorry, due to safety concerns there are no children or pets allowed at the festival, no exceptions. 

Questions? Please let us know, we'd love to hear from you! 

Altered Forest est un festival annuel dans les magnifiques collines du Québec. Laissez votre enfant intérieur jouer et explorer de nouvelles aventures!
Notre communauté se concentre sur les talents canadiens et nord-américains. Il y a des artistes, des producteurs et des DJ incroyables et talentueux tout autour de nous. Il est temps d'avoir un événement qui soutient les locaux autant que possible! Nous aurons un son de qualité conçu pour ravir vos oreilles, jour et nuit!
Savourez une délicieuse collation à la Bodega Altered, parcourez quelques articles au Market ou faites du yoga avec un instructeur adorable. Faites une sieste dans l'un des nombreux hamacs disponibles. Si vous vous sentez à la hauteur du défi, faites une quête et partez à l'aventure!
L'équipe d'Altered Forest and Altered State a organisé de nombreux événements intérieurs et extérieurs au cours de la dernière décennie. Comme d'habitude, nous nous concentrerons sur la scène locale, le flux, l'intention,  et la communauté pour offrir une expérience à retenir. Venez nous aider à faire des souvenirs à Altered Forest 2018 !!
Plus d'infos à venir!
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Formulaire de demande de bénévolat
L'application de performance musicale arrive bientôt!
Formulaire de demande du vendeur:
L'artiste visuel et le formulaire de performance arrivent bientôt!
Demande d'atelier pour bientôt!
18+ Événement avec ID valide. requis pour l'entrée
* Désolé, pour des raisons de sécurité, il n'y a pas d'enfants ou d'animaux autorisés au festival, sans exception.
Des questions? S'il vous plaît laissez-nous savoir, nous aimerions avoir de vos nouvelles!

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