Intermediate Fun Fiddle Summer 2019

Intermediate Fiddle 6.45 - 8.00pm with Gica Loening 

8 week block starting Thursday 25th April to 13th June.   The Wash House, Adelphi Grove, Portobello EH15.

This term will continue to consolidate technique, learning  tunes from the Fun Fiddle Book, and taking a look at tunes in les common keys. There will be a chance to look at any issues cropping in your playing that you would like to work on.  If you have been playing for at least two years or more, are familiar with learning by ear, or want to take stock and consolidate your playing this is the class for you. We will take a look at:


  • Tunes from Fun Fiddle book
  • Tunes in less common keys
  • 3rd position
  • Scales and arpeggios
  • Improving fiddle and bow hold and posture
  • Building on learning and playing by ear
  • Improving tone
  • Bowing techniques and phrasing
  • How to build up more speed

Cost: 8 week block starting Thursday 25th April  £96/£80 concession.

Booking online closes on Thursday 25th April at 2.30pm 2019, but if you havent booked by this date then please get in touch with, as places may still available. If you claim benefits, are on a low income, or are a student, you are entitled to concession rate. Flexible payment may be possible in individual cases.

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