Extraction healing - May

Drawing back the curtains to reveal a more in depth and personal experience of removing misplaced energy, extraction healing requires you to be willing to explore the realms of spirit and energy πŸŒ™


Moving into the universe and body of the recipient, spirit realms and your guides, extraction will require you to open yourself to levels of healing on a unique depth through the finding of energy, extraction process and the returning of gifted energy from spirit 🌸


Whilst this training is aimed at people with experience of energy and healing who are looking to expand their knowledge and gain new skills, people with less experience are also welcome to join β˜€οΈ


Throughout the day you will be learning and practise:

- Meditations to meet spirit allies 🌲

- Scanning & body journeying πŸ‘£

- Merging with allies πŸ‘­

- Performing extraction safely πŸ‘

- Energetic shifting πŸ’¨ 

- Transmutation πŸ”₯

- Retrieval 🎁

- Sealing πŸŒ‘


Limited spacing for more intimate leaning.


10:15 am - 3:45 pm

May 17th 2020



                          £110 total


Deposit: £35 (remaining £75 due on day or before)



For all questions and queries please either comment on the event page or message The Energy Healer page directly 😊


Can’t wait to explore this amazing healing modality with you!


Many blessings,



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