Gartner -- Advisor Spotlight Webinar - April

The call will be on Thursday at
- 9 am Pacific
- 12 noon Eastern
- 5 pm Britain
- 6 pm Central Europe
- 7 pm Finland, Israel

Investors have their own analysis why the Gartner’s stock halved in value during the last year, from $28 in May last year to $14 in January 2008. Lighthouse is not in the business of offering stock analysis, but we also feel that Gartner’s opportunities for growth are more limited than they acknowledge.

We feel that Gartner comes close to suggesting that its revenue has increased largely because of the increased size of the sales force allowing it to connect to new clients. To our mind, growth in client numbers in the last few years is partly because of the META Group acquisition. In addition, Gartner’s perceived move away from global sales reflects their interest in deepening its relationship with a second line of clients in existing client organizations.

Although Gartner’s stock halved in value during the last year, the firm’s recent results were strong. The sale of Vision Events helped boost the price back to $21. Without doubt Gartner’s strategies have strong reasons behind them, and it certainly has real room for growth over the next few years.

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