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Two days of information, support, and inspiration at Brunel University

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Day 1 (Saturday 8 November)

Learn about Intensive Interaction and how this engaging, highly enjoyable, and low-cost educational programme can be implemented by any parent in any setting. Intensive Interaction can have a profound effect on your child's autism and on quality of life for the entire family. It successfully teaches the fundamentals of communication, relationships and learning, addressing the deficits that are at the very core of your child's autism diagnosis, whether or not higher-level communication skills such as speech, reading or writing have been attained to some degree. This learning is acquired in typical development during the first year and beyond and is necessary to enable social development and academic learning alike later in life. Delegates will leave with a strong introduction to the foundational basics of this parent-led approach, as well as an introductory document prepared by an Intensive Interaction Coordinator who is also the parent of a child with ASD.

Our keynote speaker Dr. Dave Hewett has been working nationwide for more than twenty years as an independent staff trainer and consultant to staff in all services who work with people who have autism and/or severe learning difficulties. Parent speakers will be sharing how they have used Intensive Interaction in their own families and provide feedback on the progress they've seen for their children with autism.

For detailed information on morning's presentations and Intensive Interaction visit our main website.

Free conference 3:45-5:45
See two presentations and browse the Exhibitor Hall. Free to all.
No need for tickets or registration (if you are not attending morning sessions just pop in to the afternoon talks free of charge). This free conference takes place in the Eastern Gateway Building, Brunel campus.


Lucinda Miller, MGNI, MRNI, MH. An Introduction to Nutritional Therapies for Autism.
Your chance to learn some basics about how to improve the health of people with ASD and in doing so, improve quality of life and ability to learn. 


Sue Finnes How I unlocked my son’s thoughts, reasoning, opinions and self-expression using the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM).
Sue’s 15 year old son is severely affected by autism and has many challenges, but since using RPM he has shown that he is highly intelligent and has now learnt how to express himself by independently pointing to letters on a letterboard.  He also learns age appropriate academics, has written poetry and has ‘told’ his mum that he now wants to help other children to learn this method.
This is your chance to learn how Sue has taken RPM and given her son a voice, and to talk to her about RPM could do for your child and family.

For detailed information on afternoon's presentations and speakers visit our main main website.


Friday Evening Social Event 6:15-11:00 pm
(tickets required, delegates only)

Saturday Evening Social Event 7:30-11:00 pm
(tickets required, delegates only)

Day 2 (Sunday 9 November)

Roles of the Microbiome and Immunity in ASD: Current Understandings and their Implications for Behaviours and Treatment


Top researchers will present their cutting edge understanding of how gut health influences disease, immune health, and behaviour. Presentations will include treatment possibilities, and parents speakers will share their journeys, explaining how better health translated into better learning and quality of life for their children with ASD. For a complete list of speakers and presentations, visit our website.

Paul Shattock, OBE, Chairman of ESPA and President-Elect of the World Autism Organisation will be opening day two of our conference

Emma Allen-Vercoe, PhD, University of Guelph, Canada, studies the gut microbiome in children with regressive autism. 

Angela Vincent, MBBS (Hon PhD Bergen) FRCPath FMedSci FRS is a Professor of Neuroimmunology, University of Oxford and studies the role of autoimmunity in neurological diseases, including autism.

Angelette Müller, MSc., Nutrition Therapist, will be exploring the role of gut ‘bugs’ in autism and focusing on practical dietary approaches to positively impact intestinal flora.

John Cryan, PhD, is a Professor and Chair in the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience, University College Cork, whose research includes the interaction between brain, gut and microbiome and how it applies to neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism.

Jaleel Miyan, PhD, FHEA, is a Senior Lecturer in the Neurobiology Research Group at University of Manchester, studies the interactions between nervous system, immune system and gut, to provide a new understanding of ASD, its prevention and treatment.

Brunel University offers affordable accommodation and is easily accessed by train, plane, and car. Delegates will have a chance to relax, meet old friends and new at the Friday and Saturday evening Events. Tickets are limited.


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Ticket sales are now closed. If you would like to attend our conference, email us at to tell us how many tickets you want for which days. We will do our best to help you.

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