Virtual Community Summit - London 2014

The 2014 Virtual Community Summit in London will change the way we approach communities. 

This won't be an event where you hear the typical speakers ramble on about how to be nice to people online. We know the basics by now. It's time for something more advanced.  

We're bringing in the finest minds from the worlds of psychology, social-psychology, anthropology, sociology, statistics, and corporate structure to show how you can use proven science to reliable build bigger, better, and more active communities. 

The event takes place at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, in London. The summit is spread over two days. 

On the first day, we will host a day-long conference. On the second day, top minds will be hosting intensive workshops/masterclasses. You're free to move between the workshops as they progress. 

Organiser: Richard Millington, FeverBee Limited.

If you need to pay in USD, e-mail us for an invoice or use Paypal to: 


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This ticket entitles you to attend both the conference and the workshops on the second day of the event.
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This ticket entitles your organization to bring up to 5 members of staff (or your friends) to attend the conference on Feb 20.
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